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Posted by: Adrian on November 06, 1998 at 11:55:20:

In a KFC in London I attempted to buy 10 pieces of chicken which was no problem; price =12 ($18). Cool. Getting ready to pay I notice a sign advertising the Godzilla Megabucket 10 pieces of chicken + 4 fries at 10 ($15).
Amazingly, even after debating for 10 min. with this nimrod, there was no way I would possibly be able to buy the Godzilla Bucket without the fries. The only way I was going to pay the 10 for the 10 pieces of chicken was if I took the fries as well.
The logic was:
10 pieces of chicken = 12
10 pieces of chicken + 4 fries = 10
take it or leave it.
I told them I don't like fries, how about I just take the offer without fries, same price? No.
If I have to take them how about a small coke instead of the four med fries? No.

P.S. Burger King tastes better than McDs (excluding hashbrowns)!!!!

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