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let me clarify one point...

Posted by: Hugh Morris ( ZZZZZZZZ Top, tired Texans!, USA ) on November 11, 1998 at 17:41:59:

In Reply to: all fast food companies cater to children posted by mike on November 10, 1998 at 04:18:51:

my point was that it,s not a "stupid test" as "Gill" would have us all think. These are used as a reference guide to look to.

...The "stupid test" I was talking about before asked questions that had absolutely nothing to do with the tasks of running a Little Sleazer's restaurant. Somehow, they belive that if you can tell ordinate directions from the position of the rising sun, this proves you're bright enough for a management position with the company.

At least they didn't make me take the MMPI test. Ever taken that? It was first put together in the 1940's for an all-male prison population, and psychologists have used it on everybody else ever since. A department store was sued when they made applicants for security guard positions take it, because of questions like these...

(All questions are answered "true" or "false")

-My spirit sometimes leaves my body.
-I have difficulty controlling my bowel movements.
-My father was a good man.
-I am fascinated by fire.
-I enjoy hurting the people I love.

Remember To Erase Any Stray Marks On Your Answer Sheets,

Hugh Morris

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