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Work Your Fingers To The Bone...

Posted by: Krasny on November 14, 1998 at 12:02:57:

In Reply to: their profits are the product of your work posted by Charlie Hoyt on November 13, 1998 at 21:47:51:

...whadya get? Bony fingers. I just love the "work hard and the raises are just around the corner" argument. Puts one in mind of the slogan emblazoned on the gates of Auschwitsch(sp?), "Work will set you free."
I always try to put myself in the other guy's shoes... I mean, what if I owned the McDonald's franchise in question and had the legal right to pay whatever wage I wanted? Would I:
A) Pay everyone the maximum I could afford while keeping an equal portion for myself?
B) Pay everyone the maximum I could afford while keeping a somewhat *more* equal portion for myself?
C) Pay everyone the least amount possible and still get the work done keeping the maximum amount attainable for myself?
If you answered "C", give yourself a McCookie. I came across an interesting statistic from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (US)the other day. According to the BLS, a union member's average "Likely Weekly Wage Rate" is $172 per week more than a non-union worker's. Now go... round up some pitchforks and torches and picket the owner's house demanding your fair share of the loot. All the best --Krasny

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