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Go ahead and blame the capitalist...

Posted by: Flint Jones ( IWW, USA ) on November 16, 1998 at 20:06:18:

In Reply to: Don't blame the capitalist posted by Charlie Hoyt on November 15, 1998 at 13:23:08:

Sure, we all have class interests. But the interest of the class that is oppressed, thats us... working folks and the poor... our interests are considerably different than the interests of the upper classes. You know, the rich.

While were busting our asses to make ends meet, keep a roof over our heads and get back more of what should already be ours... they are busting ass to get a larger and larger share of profit from our work.
Most of us don't have health care, don't own a home (and even if we do, its usually more the bank's than yours), and lucky not to be living pay check to pay check. The students among us who are trying to use education to move farther ahead in the rat race are racking up massive debt. Everybody is working more hours (47/hours a week is the U.S. average now), sometimes working two part-time jobs, and all for less in terms of real wages than people our age a generation ago.

The interests of the oppressors, particularly that damnable top 1% of the population that owns 43% of the wealth; can't be anything but a parsitic drain on the rest of us. Its wrong. Its evil. You can try and justify that greed with an appeal to selfish. But people are more than selfish.

Those of us on the ever expanding bottom have to share. Its the only way we can get by day to day.

Go ahead and blame the rich, but don't forget to ask yourself why the current finance robbery continues. The responsbility ultimately lays with all of us for allowing this crap to continue. Some people make heroic stands to improve everyone's situation; its sad that it seems that there was more of that spirit a hundred years ago than today.
We have to get it back. We can do better.

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