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unions are on the way out

Posted by: mike ( ontario, canada ) on November 17, 1998 at 22:32:13:

In Reply to: organize collectively posted by Flint Jones on November 14, 1998 at 14:57:19:

Just to let everyone know, in Canada, at least in Ontario we get 1/2 price meals. Myself and my co workers really enjoy this benefit mcdonalds gives us. I believe free of charge is taking it too far. Although we have recieve countless free meals for a jobs well done etc., and continue to recieve these quite often.

Flint you make it sound as if the managers and owners sit on their
asses and do nothing. I believe you referred to them as "parasites".
I really take offence to this. The managers and the owner of my store work very hard behind the scenes, doing inventories, schedules, local marketing,social events for us etc. etc. etc. and still work side by side, and just as hard with us in the kitchen or window area. During these times we consider them just part of the crew. I know for a fact the managers and the owner of my store worked their way up from crew to the positions they hold now. I'm sure that this is true in many other stores also. So in fact you are calling all of us parasites.

I've worked here for 1 1/2 years and am now a crew chief. Every six months I've recieved a review and after starting at 6.40/hour (minimum wage in Ontario) I now make 7.90/hour. What do you expect teenagers to make Flint 10/hour? Give your head a shake. It's spending money thats it. Its not like any of us have a house to pay for etc. etc. Many of us plan to make Mcdonalds a stepping stone. Sure at the gas station down the street you might start at 7-7.10 an hour but you stay at that rate for ever. How about unionizing all the gas station reps Flint? You would'nt want to do that would you? There would'nt be as much media coverage to unionizing a gas station than there is in unionizing a mcdonalds.

Flint take a look around, unions are on the way out. The public is fed up with union antics and work stopages. Many companies can't survive with unions. Unions keep pushing and pushing for higher wages and the companies have to pay to keep running. Eventually the company either closes down or moves just to survive. And what has the union succeded in doing? Raising the unemployment lines!! And even if the company does move the public and other companies starts to buy products or services somewhere else because they are fed up with not being able to do buisness with the unionized company during the strikes to raise already in flated wages. Which in turn causes the company to lay off or close up. More jobs lost.

In some situations unions are good, lets take mexico and taiwan. The people in those countries are forced to work themselves to the bone for hours and hours and hours, for next to nothing. And don't forget child labour. We are lucky here in north america, for the most part that doesn't occur. Due to minimum wage, laws etc. And even when it does occur, it mostly happens in small sweat shops that employ foreigners that are here illegally. Large companies here are watched to closely for that to happen.

If someone has a problem out there, unions are not the answer. You can go to the labour boards, your member of goverments office, and if it's an illegal problem, the police.

Flint your dog and pony show about unions just doesn't cut it.

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