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are problems real or percieved

Posted by: mike ( ontario, canada ) on November 18, 1998 at 20:33:17:

In Reply to: Ownership kissing our asses because of union posted by McDs Worker on November 16, 1998 at 19:07:00:

Hey MCDsworker, if its as bad as you say, I feel for you. But I have a few questions for you. Is it really that you have bad managers or just that some are stricter than others? After all everyone is different. Or is it that there are some crew that don't pull their own weight and some managers are cracking down, therefore labeling them as "bad managers"? What makes them bad?
What kind of safety concerns do you have? I have a safety concern in my store also. We all have shelves that are high and can't be reached from the floor. The management has supplied a small step ladder to reach these items, but I've never seen anyone use it. They prefer to act like a monkey and climb up to get things. Who would they blame if they fall? The management of course!

I guess what I'm trying to get at is whether if there are really some problems or just percieved ones that come to the for front when the union question comes up?

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