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Unions forever, squire.

Posted by: Red Deathy ( SPGB, UK ) on November 21, 1998 at 17:34:24:

In Reply to: unions are on the way out posted by mike on November 17, 1998 at 22:32:13:

: I've worked here for 1 1/2 years and am now a crew chief. Every six months I've recieved a review and after starting at 6.40/hour (minimum wage in Ontario) I now make 7.90/hour. What do you expect teenagers to make Flint 10/hour? Give your head a shake. It's spending money thats it. Its not like any of us have a house to pay for etc.

This is a fasciating point, so you actually beleive that wages should be tailored to the living standard of the type of people doing the job, rather than be paid on teh basis of what the work done entails. Congratulations, you have just taken teh first step towards unstanding exactly how they rip us off. We are paid the amount it takes to keep us alive, maintain our families and our moral,a nd little more if the owners have a say. by targetting teeenagers as their employees McD's reckon that they can depend upon parents to give some of teh money necessary for kleeping up their workforces labour power, and thus make even more profits, by getting hyper low wages. Neat trick. but you have seen through it, congratulations...

: Flint take a look around, unions are on the way out. The public is fed up with union antics and work stopages.

Strange then that thousands of the public actually hold these strikes and workstoppages. The public are bvery often the unions, unionists don't come from Mars...

:Many companies can't survive with unions. Unions keep pushing and pushing for higher wages and the companies have to pay to keep running.

Diddums. Higher wages for workers doesn't affect the costs of goods, all it does is lower teh employers' profits. Why not lower their profits, they don't deserve them...

:Eventually the company either closes down or moves just to survive. And what has the union succeded in doing? Raising the unemployment lines!!

Congratulations again! You've just pointed out teh injustice in teh system, if we evre try and get a better deal, they will try and rellocate and get more workers. you really are quite perceptive, you'ce shown us how they rip us off, and how its part of a bigger system that enables them to keep on doing this regardless of whether we fight back. If I follow your arguments correctly, our conclusion surely must be to abolish this system...and make a better world for all of us...
: If someone has a problem out there, unions are not the answer. You can go to the labour boards, your member of goverments office, and if it's an illegal problem, the police.
: Flint your dog and pony show about unions just doesn't cut it.

Oh, what a shame, you were showing so much promise, and yet you failed to relate your conlcusions to your observations. If the system sucks, man, why put uip with it?

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