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Advice for a new employee going into orientation

Posted by: Rowelentless ( New York, USA ) on November 22, 1998 at 12:46:11:

After filling an application 14 times I finally got a Mc Job. This tuesday I
will begin my orientation. I was wonding if anyone who works or worked for
Mc Dons knows about..

What will I do? I worked for wendy's briefly and I am expecting different

2)What stuff do they give you?
What reading things they give you. Just how corny are those videos?

3)Can you get free food?
Is there a rule that you can't have leftovers?

4)How does your management work?
Are they mean, nice, cool?

I read this site and IMHO it is mostly crap. Oh well that is

I really would like to talk to people who work at NY state stores too.

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