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Unions on the way out?? Not anytime soon!

Posted by: Derik ( a proud member of local 713 RWDSU, Canada ) on November 22, 1998 at 22:13:43:


RE: Unions on the way out

I have just read your article and I can only suggest that you get the facts. Stats Canada and the Canadian Labour Congress publish facts and figures regarding unionization. Your article does not have any factual content with respect to companies going out of business because of unionization. I can say that as you may be content with your half price meals and your 7.90 per hour wage, others may not be as content. I find it immoral and unjust that a company makes billions of dollars in profits and doesn't give their employees a fair share of it. Imagine if McDonalds had a profit-sharing program in place.

I urge you to get some facts published by the government and the CLC. Education is the key to the entire issue of unions. I can't argue with your opinion but I can challenge you on other statements you have expressed.

As for the advice you have given to these people (unions are not the way to go), what makes you qualified to give this type of advice. Unions do a lot of good for a lot of people. The labour board provides people with a minimum and I might add they are back logged to the point that they are no longer effective.

More and more people are standing up for their rights and voting for the union. Democracy runs this country and it also runs our unions.

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