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profit IS necessary

Posted by: Mike Bacon ( DFW, USA ) on November 28, 1998 at 19:55:42:

In Reply to: not looking happy posted by Phil Layofisch on November 25, 1998 at 00:10:44:

Phil, the employees you described sound like the type who have in the past posted bitchy, nitpicking messages about customers who "special order" (My God!!! Some people actually have burger topping preferences! How could they ever handle BK or Whataburger where custom, made-to-order is encouraged?!!! Or Denny's restaurant chains? Or Big Boy?), or don't pick up their trays (Denny's and the Waffle House wouldn't suit this group of whining McD crewmembers then.), and one bitchy crewperson once said "Customers should just come in, order, eat their food, and leave without hassling us for something extra".

I've been to places where it's obvious we're looked upon as scum, rather than assets to the firm, who btw provide JOB SECURITY to all the staff there because we TRADE MONEY in EXCHANGE for food and service. But fortunately, there are places where we are respected, and will get what we have a right to expect in exchange for our hard-earned money. And Supachief, Kat and others, read this again carefully before you go on the attack. I'm not putting down all or even most fast food employees. I'm just giving a real account of what I've seen as a consumer. And Phil and other consumers, have you been to places where they bitch openly about the workplace? On occasion, I've witnessed this.

In closing, I'm not waving McD's flag (or BK's either), because the corporate end of both could use some tuning. I'm not waving a flag for customers who just want to be assholes either, and yes they should be shown the door if they're abusive. As for the pay issue, crew, management, and owners need to work together to achieve the best solution. And to the Flints, Floyds and Jasons, get real! No store is going to agree to surrender 100% of the profit to pay employees' salaries and give generous perks like TV in a breakroom, an all-you-can-eat buffet, and a cappuciano bar on top of that. As for "employee-owned" franchises, there will be many issues that will have to be agreed upon amongst yourselves to make 'em work. If you don't leave enough revenues in your store, it will go south and fast! But if you guys ever do open such a venture, I guess yall will just have to find out for yourselves that profit IS necessary.

A bit long for a close, but I got it off my chest.


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