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OK, let me put it this way...

Posted by: Mike Bacon ( North Texas, USA ) on December 05, 1998 at 17:16:32:

In Reply to: Redefined!!! posted by BASE727{m.c.p.} on December 04, 1998 at 00:18:41:

Example: McSpotlight warns contributors all the time about abusive and flaming posts, you see sometimes reasonable limits do need to be set. Would you go into a crowded movie theater and yell "fire" when there isn't one? Would you give another driver the finger if he cuts you off on the freeway? You'd better not in this neck of the woods! That's practically suicide!

To get to the point, the young employees need to be taught by a responsible adult to conduct themselves in a mature manner whenever they are on the premises and in uniform. Managers have a right to insist on that! And customers have a right to expect it!!!

If I were to enter a burger joint and see much of the young staff clowning around and chasing each other, behaving like jackasses, whether they were on their break or not, there is a good chance that I would leave without even getting in line. Reason: 1. They obviously lack respect for the customers (and their children) who are dining in. 2. I would suspect that neither the service nor food quality would be up to snuff either. 3. What kind of manager is on this shift?!!! He's obviously a doofus!!

Remember, without customers, everyone loses. And I will not take a gamble and spend my hard-earned money at a place where good work ethics appear to be lacking. Can you blame me for being concerned if I'm damn near knocked down by an 18-year-old employee (Who should have learned something about good manners by now) that's engaged in horseplay when I open the door?

What would you think, as a customer? I'm sure you eat out sometimes.


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