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They can be sweet as pie when they want you to stay late

Posted by: Brooks ( USA ) on April 05, 1999 at 17:00:18:

In Reply to: COMPLAINTS posted by kallie on August 08, 1998 at 10:18:26:

: i work at mcd's in iowa and i've had friends try to call in sick but the mgr. won't let them cause otherwise they'd be understaffed, so he was forced to go to work with a 104 temp.

: it pisses me off when they yell at you for something that you didn't do , they jsut assume that you did then when they want you to do something they are nice i just don't get it!?!?!!?
: anyone else sick of working 9.5 hour days when sopposed to work 8, and they dont ask you to stay later.
: i want to accept anykind of complaints here tell me about them.

Kallie, I agree with you. They can be sweet as pie when they want you to stay late, but once you've agreed to stay late, it's as if you were scheduled to work those hours. But here's one for you, just tonight I was sent home for calling another employee an a**hole. Yes, very wrong, I know, but a female manager at my store has called me that and worse several times (once while at the fry station right by counter) and nothing has been done about it. I got sent home, written up, and had to talk to a manager, while she might have to talk to a corporate manager and nothing else. Okay, I was wrong, but so was she and being a manager it was worse for her to do the same thing. McDonald's is full of double standards and they are only concerned with profits. The employees aren't people, they're either assets or costs. Just numbers to them. Thanks.

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