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Posted by: SHAUN ( NO SHIFTS...., AUSTRALIA, VICTORIA ) on April 26, 1999 at 12:27:03:

I've been working at my macca's store now for about 6 weeks now. My problem is that I reckon my roster manager totaly hates me. My reason for thinking this is because our store's other roster manager has left and when the R/M that left was doing the roster's I was getting loads of shift's even working GOOD FRIDAY and EASTER SATURDAY I even had at leaast 5 shifts in one week. Now that this other manager is doing the roster's I'm getting F#%K all shift's. I don't have any for over 1 week. Now someone tell me that this manager totaly hates me and most likely want's me to leave
If anyone reads this could you tell me that it would be right for me to put an application in at another macca's store. Because I certaintly think I should.

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