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burger king treats their employees like crap!!!!

Posted by: amy ( burger king, canada ) on May 05, 1999 at 13:38:58:

i've only been working at burger king for 2 months now and i am already thinking about quitting. i go to school everyday from 8-4 and then i work every single night. i've asked repeatedly that my hours be cut back because i can't go to school 5 days a week and work 7 days a week without going insane. i was told yesterday by my professer that if i didn't stop working so much and start studying more that i will fail the semester with 2 months left of school. last night i went to work and i went to look at the schedule and i found out that i had to work friday , my only day off in two weeks. i was very upset because i didn't think that they could put me on the schedule on my day off without asking me if i could work, which i can't. i told my supervisor this and he said there's nothing he can do, i have to work the shift and that he can put me on the schedule at any time without checking with me to see if i can work. is this true? why are there schedule's then if we don't follow them? i'm beginning to feel like i have no right's and that i'm being taking advantage of. also, when i was hired i filled out an availability sheet out and asked never to be scheduled past 11pm because after that i have no way home(no more buses running). well, the shift i supposidly have to work on friday is till 12am and the supervisor said that that was my problem and if i can't work it then i have to find someone else to work it. i don;t feel that this is my responsibility at all. do i have a point here?

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