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that's right, your stupidity is all you need.

Posted by: sammy on May 21, 1999 at 12:05:51:

In Reply to: Calm down posted by Rob on May 20, 1999 at 01:29:35:

: Calm down, I'm sure that you have eate at a McDonalds before you got hired there right? It's the easiest job you can have. All you gotta do is Smile and pretend that you really want to be there, Take the customers order and then change it around because even though they said "no ketchup", a burger tastes better with ketchup. Just follow those simple rules and you will FIT RIGHT IN.

yes, that's right, that's what fast food workers do. they deliberatly mess up the customers order. never mind that thier expected to rush thier way through each transaction, and that it takes a little bit of time to go back into the computer and change "hambuger" into "hamburger
no ketchup" . this involves going back into the order, recalling the "hamburger" item, cancelling it out and reringing the 3 keys "hamburger", and "no" and "ketchup", all the while the customer is continuing to rattle off the rest of his order. lets see, i counted 5 different possibilities for the little scared rushed fast food kid to make and error.

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