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I became a manager...

Posted by: WhataManager ( Whataburger, USA ) on May 21, 1999 at 12:13:25:

In Reply to: Re: What's wrong with young managers posted by ChiXie on October 02, 1998 at 11:15:02:

I became a manager at Whataburger 3 months before my 17th birthday. I always try to maintain a professional attitude and my age has never affected my job. My crew doesn't have a problem listening to me because they know what I expect of them and the consequences if they can't take instructions. My age has never been a problem and I don't see how it could be if I am a capable manager. The store manager, owner and area superviser are all satisfied with the job I am doing. As long as the shift is run smoothly, what does age matter.

One of my crew members told me that I might be 1/2 the age of one of the other Asst. Mgrs. but I do twice as good a job because I'm not lazy and I always pitch in to make sure everything is done and all the customers are served.

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