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Any other McD's worker have this problem??

Posted by: McEnglishPlease ( USA ) on May 23, 1999 at 22:00:19:

I work at a McDonalds in Northern California abd I was wondering if anyone else goes through this everyday,
The problem is all the mexicans that work there that canty speak english!!! I have been going through this sience I started, plus they always ask me to do things in spanish, I feel like the damn forignier!!!
The funny thing is, is that they sure can ask for breaks in perfect english, but if asked to mop or take out the trash its allways "No understand!!!" so we have to do all the hard crap, plus they turn the freezer into the local hangout, Theres allways at least 5 of them in there talking trying to get out of doing work.
PLUS Ive seen at least on 10 different ocasions them stealing the beany babbie things,
Anyway I got used to doing the job of 8 people each day.

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