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why wont they fire me????????

Posted by: C.M ( australia, victoria ) on May 28, 1999 at 14:31:38:

I was trained once on counter during my training, and another 3 times once a week for 30 minutes when I wasn't training, i've been working at macca's now for 2.5 months and still don't do counter yet i still have those shit 3 hour dining room shift's (although tommorow may29th, Ive got a 5 hour shift) and I'd bet anyone $200 ALL the manager's think i'm just completly ridiculosly stupid and dont wont me working there. SO WHY DONT THEY FIRE ME, IT'S JUST 2 SIMPLE WORD "YOUR FIRED"
please can someone give me any suggestions...
(i have put an application in at other places if I got a another job i'd quit straight away, but I have to have a job or i'd feel like a lazy unemployed bum cos' im almost 16...)

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