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its hell

Posted by: Kate ( UK ) on June 02, 1999 at 18:16:57:

My experience of working at McDonalds was not good. I stayed for nearly two years whilst I was sitting my A levels. I was at full time college whilst working a 40 hour week, which meant I was up for college at 7 and at work until after midnight. Then at weekends wroking till 12, then in again at 7 etc. My attempts to change this were met with hostility. I was being paid 2.85 p/h. I went from probation to 5 star team member in 3 months, and at my 6 month review was given a pay rise...........of 0.01 p/h. Insulting eh! The if I;d worked an extra 100 hours a week, I'd have 2 extra each time I got paid.

The jobs I had to do included scraping 4" thick green moulding fat from under vats and fryers. The main problem there was the fact that the managers were all very young, and got off completely on the power trip of being able to tell their peers what to do.

I could go on whinging for hours, but suffice to say I bear a slight grudge against mcDonalds. You can never be desperate enough to work there...there's always a better option..........homelessness for example.

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