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Posted by: Quincunx ( IWW ) on June 03, 1999 at 00:53:04:

In Reply to: you actually think homelessness is better? posted by McDWorker on June 03, 1999 at 00:00:03:

McDW: Sorry you had a bad experince, but you actually think homelessness is better?

Qx: She's probably using it as a figure of speech. It looks to be your problem more than it is hers.

McDW: Why dont you try it then tell us about it, which would be kinda hard cause you wouldn;t have a computer, and I guess you would have no energy because you wouldn't be eating on a regular basis...spending your days roaming around wondering where you next meal is gonna come from and when it would be.....Being at the mercy of people walking buy, being chased by the cops for loitering....Oh yeah, thats a better option! Grow Up! I cant believe that they actually made you work!! the nerve!

Qx: Now this reads like something that a Stalinist commisar would tell any underling who questioned their orders. What makes you so angry at someone who posted a very short posting? She has the right to state what she felt and if you don't like it then that's too bad. Anyways, it's kind of good to see you get so worked up and to demonstrate to us the abusive behavior that some managers (not all!) engage in.

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