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Re: McDs and Advertising!

Posted by: Ablokeimet ( Brunswick, Australia ) on June 06, 1999 at 18:28:25:

In Reply to: McDs and Advertising! posted by McDWorker on June 02, 1999 at 10:34:44:

: Wow, a lot of people are upset with McD's adverts because it forces them to take thier child to McD's....uh huh..ofcourse it does, but that doesn't surprise anyone, does it? In todays society everyone "passes the buck" right.....Its always someone else's fault.... Give me a break!!

: Does a child have that much influnence over his/her parents? maybe if parents spent more time with thier children these days and stopped pretending that the TV is a free babysitter, these ads wouldnt have such an influnce on children that some claim they do.. Learn how to say NO! teach your child thats its not healthy to eat fastfood all the time.....Dont blame McDs cause you give into your child! Blame yourself for lack of parenting!

Well, it's not quite as cut & dried as that. Children don't "force" their parents to buy this or that, but they can put heavy pressure on them - pressure they often don't need to have added to all the other pressures in their lives. And large corporations (like McDonalds) have research which shows that aiming their ads at kids WORKS. Incidentally, it's illegal to aim ads at kids here in Australia, but they do & they're allowed to get away with it virtually all the time.

You're right, though, about the perils of appointing the TV as a "free" babysitter. We don't do that with our kids, because we'd rather they grow up learning their values from us rather than Kerry Packer (sorry, can't think of an equivalent US TV mogul). Children who have not yet developed critical thought ARE influenced by TV and especially by ads. The junk food corporations wouldn't pay for them if they weren't. You can call the people running those outfits many things, but they're not mugs.


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