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Free at last

Posted by: McFree ( McFilthy Hater ) on June 14, 1999 at 17:13:39:

Free at last !!!!!! yahoo. After a far to long stint of duty at McFilthys I have last quit and I don't
think I have ever felt happier in my life.

As a Mc Dee employee you are a cog in the wheel of huge money making machine, the aim of the company is to dehumanise you into absolute loyalty. They do this by bullying, intimidation, wrecking
your personal life with unreasonable shifts and stressful working conditions.

In my time I have seen grown men in tears after verbal assaults by area/regional managers, and have
also heard rumours that one area manager physically assaulting a store manager whos store was under
performing. I myself have seen a manager (now a store manager at a near by store) throw food
at a crew member who had made a trivial mistake. Crew members who are "different" are often
signalled out , as an example a employee with a facial deformity often was subjected to humiliation,
as was a female employee who developed a medical condition that required her to do "light" duties.
Gay people are regularly abused and refused/passed over for promotion.

To my knowledge no disciplinary action was ever taking against these Managers, despite the fact that
they have made life hell for many people ( in fact they still do). At my store supposedly personal
disciplinary information was posted as a league table in the crew room.

It is not unusual for employees to work 12hrs+ shifts even those under the age of 18. My longest shift
was 17hrs and this is by no means a record. Staffing levels are cut as sales decrease so the pressure
is always on. Out of date product is sold, as is food that has been in holding cabinets for hours after its
initial cooking. You are taught to cheat the customer by adding loads of ice to drinks and squeezing
cartons when adding fries. Meat that has thawed is refrozen, and the temperatures on cooking equipment is regularly set wrong. During busy spells any pretence to food hygiene is dropped.

This is just a fraction of the problems I have encountered, if you are a customer go some where else,
if you work there try and get out. I know McD takes over your life but YOU CAN ESCAPE.
Please post some responses as the message board got a bit quiet as of late.

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