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Posted by: Siarne ( Australia ) on June 15, 1999 at 11:34:10:

I have worked at McDonalds for the past coule of years. If your going to protest against something protest about a wage increase. A trainee in Australia starts on $4.77 an hour. I am now on $7.91 and hour and I am almost 18. The money is crap, but I need it. Why don't you do something about what we all need - money. I need my job and Australia is a really hard place to get a job even with a great education. Sometimes the managers can be great but most of the time they are complete assholes. In the years 2000 when the GST is introduced to Australia 20,000 McDonalds chicks will loose there jobs throughtout Australia. Do something about that and the $4.77 and hour because you will never close them down - the big guys always win in the end. I think it is great what you are trying to do but I doubt you will ever do it.

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