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The crew should be doing a lot more of the work

Posted by: McChick ( Crew Trainer, Australia ) on June 15, 1999 at 11:35:38:

In Reply to: The Down Fall, of a McManager and his career..... posted by Obi Wan Kenobi on June 13, 1999 at 03:41:08:

: I put in more hours, than any shift, swing, assistant, or store manager, at my store, ever week. And all my hardwork was UNNAPRECIATED. Then I ended up picking up after everyones trash...it was as if nobody in the entire store could do thaw stock, for the next morning; ie: tortilla's, hotcakes, etc. I was placed to work with Darth Vader every shift, and I felt like i was running the store everyday while he, was in the office, it was VERY annoying.

It was not your responsibility as a manager to clean up after everyone else. You should have been asserting your authority as a manager and telling the crew to clean up after themselves and customers. You should have had your crew trainers doing some DELEGATING (I hate that word, which the managers love). In my situation, the managers told off us crew trainers for not delegating enough, and we were taking on too much of the work ourselves. Your crew, and especially the crew trainers should know when to take things out of the freezer to thaw. Recently at our store some of patties (Grilled Chicken) hadn't been thawed in time for the breakfast to main menu transition, and it was the crew who had been working that were blamed. The managers have told us (crew trainers) that what they expect is when we are working, they should be able to come out and find everything under control, running to schedule, and that it is the responsibility of the crew trainers to help the managers run the store. Quoting a manager - A McDonald's store virtually runs itself. We really should only need the managers to do the cash lists, and all the other office stuff they do (well that's a bit basic, there's a lot more involved too). The store runs very well when the managers are away to the bank. You really shouldn't have been doing all the work as it seems you have been, you should have been passing that responsibility onto the CT's who should then pass it on (delegate) it to the rest of the crew. Of course, I'm not saying that managers and CT's should just slack off and let others do ALL the work - they should put in a bit of effort too.

: Every single day, I'd have to come in and hour before my shift to take over a crappy shift, spending my whole hour stocking and preparing.

See? Your closing/overnight staff should have done the stocking up, and the manager working with them should have made sure that they did.

I understand how you feel about being unappreciated. I fell like that all the time. I work really hard some shifts and no one says anything. The rare compliment really lifts your mood. It's such a little thing, but it can make your day. Managers and CTs should praise crew, Managers should praise CTs, and Managers and CTs should praise Managers. We all need that bit of encouragement to keep us going.


"When you're close to tears remember, someday it'll all be over"
-Lighthouse Family, "High"

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