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Kroc is dead, dude!

Posted by: Mike Bacon ( Part Cherokee Indian, TX, USA ) on June 15, 1999 at 23:31:45:

In Reply to: Poor Obi I Salute You!!! posted by Tommy Mudraker on June 14, 1999 at 10:41:08:

Tom, what is it with you, Paranoid Ghost, and David Peal picking on Josher, Shaun, and McD Worker?

They are giving an honest account in their posts that pertains to their stores. What this says to me is that there are those locations that are well-run, and others which are not. I'm sorry that Obi had the misfortune to get involved in one of the not-so-great stores. Hopefully, he'll get into a rewarding career field.

The suits at Corporate will always have their priority, which is a black balance sheet. At the lower levels, where it actually gets done, you'll have your good franchise owners and bad ones, as well as your good and bad management teams. In reading Josher's posts, it sounds like he's got what it takes, and I don't detect any trace of immaturity. As for Ray Kroc, I think he died years ago. I never met him so I can't say whether he was a good man or a doofus. And finally, the clown is NOT real. Those of you who bring the clown up as reference make me laugh. PG and DP especially make me ROFLMAO, with their posts.

Anyway, be nice to Shaun and Josher.


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