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Posted by: dorothy ( mcdonalds, usa ) on June 15, 1999 at 23:33:07:

first of all i would like to say....believe what you must but the person writing all of this stuff has only half of it right. i work at the same mcdonalds. he did do alot for the store manager. but he could have said no. alot of what he did was while he was in training. a swing manager only has to work 40 hrs a week. not more not less. he could have said no. he brought it apon himself. there is alot of gossip going on in the store but if you put your personal life out there on the line your gonna get talked about. i worked 3 nights and 2 of them were with the store manager for the spring up. i didnt have to stay after all i'm only a shift supervisor. you got to take what you got comming. not to mention that swing managers are only supposed to make $6. 25 an hour when certified and he jumped up to $7.00. and i have been a manager for 3 yrs and am oly making $7.50. so i think for only being a manager for a couple of months he got pretty lucky. if your running the shift you need to be on the floor but if you got plenty of people you have your crew trainer or shift supervisor do it for you so that you can take time to get out breaks and count down the safe ( pre close ). noone in that store i must say worked harder then ashly..and now does not work as much because her doctor advised her not to ( pregnant ). if you cant handle your crew or talk to the other managers then you cant accomplish anything..when you tell others nothings wrong when they ask a question then they cant help you out.and one night i asked you why you were still at the store because you were supposed to be off.. you told me that you were getting extra hours. i said "your not working..what you milking the clock?". you just smiled. you just followed ashley around the whole night. so why are you saying you work all these long hours... your no made to! you make everyone out to be bad at the store.. you talk about people to just as well as everyone else. crew go back and tell managers. you dont think that people know what is said about them? the only thing i have to say is that no one works harder then any one else unless they want to!

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