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McDonald's policies in Finland

Posted by: Jukka Partanen ( Finland ) on June 17, 1999 at 13:45:51:

I've previously worked in local McDonald's and afterwards I've noticed that it was the lousiest place ever. I know you know the facts, but here's a brief lowdown on Finnish McDonald's policy:

- Starting wage was about 20 FIM/hour. (They call new workers as "trainees" and pay reduced wages, altough the law states minimum as about 32 FIM/hour). (1 USD= about 4,5 FIM)

- And consider how much money they're making if a Big Mac (just a burger) costs here around 19,90 FIM!

- The wages will rise after 300 hrs of work, or after you have those f**king badges (kitchen, cleaning etc). Some workers don't even last those 300 hrs...

- There's no pockets in the trousers. If they don't trust me, why should I trust them?

- There are no seats in the workers area, the manager is only one to allowed to sit during working time.

- You'll have to punchclock yourself to break- and this time is reduced from your salary.

- Saturday should be decreased with 50% addition to base salary. They DON'T pay that, altough they should.


- They claim to buy their beefs, buns etc from finnish producers. The truth is that their meat is swedish and veggies mostly spanish!
(I checked the boxes while working there, you know!)

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