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They are just using us as slaves!!!

Posted by: Lillith76 ( sweden ) on June 27, 1999 at 22:22:55:

In Reply to: Help me persuade my child to leave!!! posted by mcmum on June 20, 1999 at 14:31:30:

I will just say that i hate working at mc Donald's....
I dont like to work to 05.00 in the night and dont earn so much money on it.It's a bad paying job!
Once i had to work when i was sick.....Stupid people!
If i could have more money in payment every month.
They are just using us as slaves!!!
From:one of the slaves(but not so long to)

: My daughter is studying for her A levels. A bright kid 11 A&B GCSE's hard working and a nice person. McDonalds is a nightmare, extra shifts, long hours with no proper breaks, never leaves on time, constant nagging for extra shifts by the managers. retraining slips when the till is a couple of pounds wrong after seven hours without a break and a zillion customers with no back up!!! Tell her its not her inability to reach the grade its McDonalds working practice that is not the norm. She will not believe me but she might believe some of you ex workers.
: By the way shes been there a year so its not as if shes not able to hold down a job. after this place shes experienced enough to cope with anything!!! PERSUADE HER TO LEAVE AND LOOK FOR SOMRTHING ELSE!!!!

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