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Posted by: Mr X ( McDonalds, N Ireland ) on June 27, 1999 at 22:25:26:

I have been working for Mc D's for 2 years now....boy it's like the bermuda triangle in this job . The money is crap , you dont see any benefits and the managers act like spoilt children! It is really unbelivable at times . For instance a friend was cleaning the grills one night with "hi temp". Our store did not have or provide a mask (like a welding mask to prevent the cleaning agent burning your face off) , the managers new this and did not care . My friends face was badly burnt from hi temp spitting up into his face . The scars stayed on his face for about 6 months . The next day a mask was placed in the op cupboard ... too late . The management know and made it clear that if a claim was to be made my friend would be out of a job . The sort of person who works as a crew member is not in a position to challenge Mc D's...it would be much too costly , and im sure you all know there are no unions .
Personally I despise beening made to stand up all day . I have a very bad lumbar region of my back as a result . On average you stand up for around 7.25 hrs a day ..on your feet the whole time . Work is neither rewarding or enjoyable ... it is only made bearable by the minority of customers who are genuinely polite and corteous in return , and by the odd sympathetic shift runner.
Until Mc D's even tries to make an effort toward the people who reap and earn all their profits (crew members)........I HOPE THEY ROT IN HELL!...............I DREAM OF THE DAY SOMEONE HAS THE BALLS TO PULL OUR ANSUL HA AHA HA !

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