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I am apalled that this kind of thing goes on.

Posted by: Paul ( McDonald's, Australia ) on June 28, 1999 at 14:11:59:

In Reply to: Free at last posted by McFree on June 14, 1999 at 17:13:39:

I have been working for McDonald's Australia for just over two years now and I have never seen this kind of abuse. No-one, least of all a manager would last long in their job treating crew like this. It is apalling that they can get away with it.

: Out of date product is sold, as is food that has been in holding
: cabinets for hours after its initial cooking. You are taught to
: cheat the customer by adding loads of ice to drinks and squeezing
: cartons when adding fries. Meat that has thawed is refrozen, and the
: temperatures on cooking equipment is regularly set wrong. During
: busy spells any pretence to food hygiene is dropped.

Likewise, I am apalled that this kind of thing goes on. Where I work, any disregard of policies and procedures is dealt with by way of a warning slip; 3 in 3 months and you're out. Our procedures are the safest, most efficient and most hygenic way to get the job done, and we follow them without exception.

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