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is it fair for your work to interfere with your personal affairs

Posted by: McManager ( McDonald's, North America ) on July 12, 1999 at 10:06:28:

In Reply to: Managers and crew: a healthy relationship or dating disaster? posted by McChick on June 30, 1999 at 10:26:20:

At my restaurant, as well as at all others I suppose, it is forbidden for managers to date crew. On the whole, this makes a lot of sense, because of the facts: managers hold power over the crew and shouldn't be given opportunity to abuse it (ie sexual harrassment), accusations of unfair treatment can arise, sexual harrasment cases can occur, and some crew are attracted to managers only for their power. When a manager is obviously unfair and has no respect for women, there is no way he should be dating the crew.

But there are two sides to every story, and the flip side is: is it fair for your work to interfere with your personal affairs, with what could be an extremely healthy and fulfilling relationship? If you have found your soulmate, the person of your dreams, what right does some company have to say, "You cannot be with this person?"

A manager at my McDonald's who recently quit after being there 8 years has been dating a crew person for this entire time,and because they were dating before the crew person started working there, my Supervisor deems it okay. THeir relationship is very healthy, and the manager never let his relationship interfere with work. If anything, he was tougher on his girlfriend than on others.

As well, I have been associating a lot recently with a certain crewperson at my work and we have fallen for each other, there's no doubt about that. I know my own character and i know that i would make sure our relationship was healthy and that it wouldn't seep into the workplace. what right does mcdonald's have to stop me? especially if i keep it off the floor entirely?

I don't think they do. And besides, I don't think i'm going to let them.

Their policies make some sense, and definitely should be enforced to a large degree to avoid managers taking advantage of crew, which most certainly can and does happen. But to interfere in real, honest relationships . . . personally, i think that's going a little too far,m and they should stay out of the way.

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