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I will try not to be so short-sighted McMan ....... BUT!!!!!

Posted by: Nicole ( Australia ) on July 19, 1999 at 19:29:45:

In Reply to: Don't be so short-sighted, Nicole posted by McMan on July 16, 1999 at 21:06:14:

: You know what, Nicole?
What's that McMan?

: So McDonald's wasn't a good experience for you.
Correct, it wasn't. I quit working there. I ate the food, then they treated me and some friends like shit. I stopped eating there after that aswell. So yes, you could say that it hasn't been a glorifying experience for me.

: So what?
Well, I am so sorry for not blowing wind up McDs ass ok? I don't like them and I am allowed to not like them. You expect me to respect you for liking them, the least you could do is respect me for not liking them.

: For most people it isn't the greatest thing,
See what you just wrote there .... 'most people' .... if McD's are so damn good, why do 'most people' not like it there and not think of it as being the 'greatest thing' then?

: and they wouldn't want to stay there.
Who in their right mind would? But hang on, that's probably me being short-sighted again, I do appologise! Ah hem, no I don't, I'm allowed to be if I want to be.

: But for some people,
'some' being the best word you could come up with? I would have used the 'minority' of people, but that's just my opinion which basically I am not allowed to use or voice because it's so short-sighted and all.

: myself included,
Yeah ...

: it's just about the best thing that's ever happened to them.
Maybe they have just missed out on some things in life or something, I don't know, I just find it hard to believe that someone could find McDonalds to be so fulfilling and worthwhile.

: I have my own plans for my future,
I think everyone should, is that not being too short-sighted? Am I getting better?

: and McDonald's isn't in them,
IF they are sooooo good though, why aren't they?

: but I love working there,
Yeah yeah, here we go ... Maccas is so good to me .... Maccas is the best thing ever ... Maccas treat me so well .... Maccas is so much fun ... I work for free at Maccas sometimes because it's so good there, bla bla bla, what a load of shit.

: and i love it so much
How pre-diddly-ictable!!

: that sometimes i will work for free
Blah blah blah, told you this would come up!

: because i love the environment,
Which one? The one you work in or the one they are contributing to in ruining?

: the people and the great fun we have.
Oh God, stop it, please?

: You may find this sick,
Oh I do, but y'know, probably the short-sightedness creeping in again.

: but all I'm saying is that everybody's got their own personalities
This is true ... and sometimes people's personalities can be influenced by organisations or beliefs of these organisations. McD's being one of those evil organisations ...

: and needs and that could involve McDonald's.

: As for goals achieved at McDonald's,
Oh here we go ...

: if you do a good job,
What happens if you don't though?

: you get respected for it
So if you don't do a good job, you don't get respected? OH great moral to live by there, doesn't suprise me though, coming from McDonalds.

: and you know it your self-confidence can rise dramatically.
This is just your opinion right? I mean that surely can't be fact?

: It may seem like a meaningless job,
A job is a job. I'd prefer to be wageless then work there though.

: but if, let's say,
Oh I like pretending ...

: during your shift,

: you weren't in the kitchen and the store couldn't run,
Hmm, yeah ... where is this going?

: how many customer's lives would be affected by that?
OH HANG ON A SECOND HERE!!! Excuse me, but how many customer's lives are affected when the Kitchen IS running!!!!!!!!!

: A lot.
Thankyou for answering my question so quickly, and yes it is true :o)

: So even the most trivial jobs do mean something, really.
If this is what you believe, then okay, I accept that, do you accept what I believe in though?

: You should realize that different things work for different people and learn to respect that.
And so should you, McD's don't work for me, so why can't you accept that?

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