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Ahhh! i visibly see!

Posted by: Ronald M.D. on July 19, 1999 at 19:30:23:

In Reply to: Complaint posted by Lynnett Ivy on July 15, 1999 at 10:30:34:

I'll tell you what happened here. This young girl has yet again come in to work her shift only to have exactly one half of her already shorthandedly scheduled crew CALL OFF on her, or just plain not show up.

but really, can you blame someone for not wanting to show up?
the job is an awful one at best.

so the girl was just fed up and tired of having to try and run the drive thru AND the front counter, to which in her frustration, she decided 'screw it! what do i care if these people eat or not? I'm sure they can afford to go home and cook, if nothing else.'

And the top dogs that you are looking to share your unfortunate experience with, in hope of resolving your trifling delema, are the same people who caused it. They expect to have 18 year old managers be capable of directing a crew of high school dropouts, to provide exceptional fast, friendly , high quality service to the generally ill mannered public. And if that wasn't already quite an ambitious goal on it's own, they expect it to be done with minimal man power.

so, the moral her might be, before you go bitching about screwed up service, consider the screwed up organization you were waiting in line for.

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