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BURN OUT HELP for managers we are a family :)

Posted by: 1st asstCali ( fresno, usa ) on July 27, 1999 at 11:12:06:

ive been working with mcdonalds now 8 years and i know what burnout is
i think the best thing to do is to take your days off and make them yours. This may sound simple but bare with me. The real reason people burn out so quick is because we take it home. When you walk in the door your house is your sanctuary away from the stress and strife. there are no mothers complaining about a spill there child did in your lobby in your home......but always remember one thing mcdonalds is taking care of you ...it sometimes feels like they dont care but how many fast food businesses offer life insurance free dental and medical insurance stock options 401k and mcsave and so many ways of saving for your future....yes it can be rough but tell me how many companies have paid there employees to go to college to get a degree ??? how many companies offer a UNIVERSITY with college credit ....i mean get real??
take everyday at work with a grain of salt (and a bit of lime as well :)
know that you are maturing and growing and will take from mcdonalds should you leave a better grasp of things............and always know that things do get better ...just not always as fast as we wish...we will have those days when all the closers call in but we will also have those nights where your D/T times are 90 secs and you have a 30 min close :) the crew look up to managers alot more than we think...how many times have you had to comfort an employee because of something that happened in there personal life . The company seems cold
but ill tell you now the people like me and my MCBROTHERS and MCSISTERS
will always have time to here about the employee whos mom is in the hospital or the maintinence man whos wife is pregnant ...we are a family and i wouldnt trade it for anything in the world ...i love my store and i will make my store shine :)....respect your people and they will give you riches in loyalty and trust that no one can take away :)........good luck mcdonalds managers ....we do have a long road ahead of us but if we use the internet to keep in contact and share ideas we can succeed in any way possible......i would love it if managers from all over would e mail me and we can share ideas and maybe help out some of our family cope with the stress of mcdonalds

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