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Let me clarify something...

Posted by: Aussie Maccas Chick ( mcdonalds, auistralia- NSW ) on July 29, 1999 at 13:14:45:

I have just finished reading a stack of messages that people have previously posted and I have come to some sort of conclusion. There seems to be two types of maccas stores. The first type seems to be surrounded by easy-going people that dont give a damn about the organisation and the managers in these stores dont seem to have a heart-attack if a crew person is 1 min late when starting their shift.Good on you lucky people. You still have to remember all the other crappy aspects of the job and keep them in mind. The second type of stores ( like the one I work in) is surrounded by people that are on a mega- power -trip ( including pimply 14year old crew trainers) that are dissulusioned and think that they have a high-flying career. These people display sheep- like characteristics and go to any lenghts to please their managers. The trouble with these sort of people is that they are usually high school dropouts and seem to lack all respect for anybody who is at university getting a degree. They simply dont understand that it is reasonable to knock back a shift when you have a 2000 word essay due! I often get asked to stay back even when I have to be at a lecture in a hour. When I refuse they get all crappy and as a result I suddenly have less hours the following week- hmmm I wonder why.Lets get something straight - Just because I work there does not mean that I like it or that I want to be there. Managers should get it through their thick heads that some of us HAVE A LIFE AND ARE DOING SOMETHING WITH IT!! Have some respect for us crew- god knows but maybe one day long after I graduate a manager might come to a job interview at my workplace. Wouldnt it be interesting to reverse the roles!!

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