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unfair treatment

Posted by: Wan ( ex McDonalds, usa ) on August 02, 1999 at 12:10:29:

I had worked for McDonalds for about 7 1/2 years the first 5 years being for a different owner/operator but staying at the same store.
While working for the first owner/operator, I started in the grill, moved up to a crew trainer, did maintenance for a year and a half and finally became a swing manager. That is as far as I got in that organ-ization because the area supervisor did not think I was promotable to an assistant management position. I ended up taking a pay cut when I went to work for another owner/operator. I thought that this organi-zation would be better to work for. About a year ago, I became an asst manager at one these store. At that time I had no idea I would be doing the store manager's job but not getting his pay or his bonuses. I turned in my notice but was talked out of quitting by the owner/operator. He promised me a raise and a store of my own when one became available. This happened in June of 1999. I had requested the 4 of June off because my husband was having some surgery done. Of course this was the first day of the International Bears. About a week later my husband's grandmother died so over the weekend we had to go out of town for the funeral. When I got back, the owner/operator told me that I needed to spend more time at my store. Of course, I still had to go in on 4 of June to help out while my hausband sat outside waiting for me. That month, I only had 4 days off for myself and my family because of other people calling in sick.
I gave notice July 23 that the July 31 would be my last day. The owner/operator tried to talk me into transferring to another store and when I said no, he told me that would be my last day. This owner/operator had a bonus program for meeting labor and food cost goals and PAC which I met for the month of June. The only thing that was listed on paper as a disqualifier was cash +/- being to much. As
soon as he found out I was quitting he said that I was ineligble for the bonus because I had 4 deposits in my safe. None of this had ever been mentioned as a disqualifier. I know that I will not go to McDonalds ever again. This owner/operator expected me to be available 24 hrs a day, seven days a week. He didn't pay me enough to put up with his garbage. I'm glad that I'm out of there.

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