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The Managers of these places are Brainwashed

Posted by: Jay ( Ireland ) on August 02, 1999 at 12:31:49:

In Reply to: Mcd's can piss off! posted by Dave on July 29, 1999 at 16:40:22:

I worked for McDonald's in The United Kingdom for a little over 4 years, And Unfortunately, I can only agree that the same goes for the UK as the Restaurants in The US, The Managers of these places are Brainwashed,(probably fairly easy as half of them are brain dead anyway)

These people made my life hell and made you feel like the scum of the earth as you were 'just a crew member' 4 years on I have a job with a blue chip company and when I visit home these people are still there eating, sleeping, breathing and shitting the company. I'm the one having the last laugh when I see them pushing some new starter around, I realise thats all they know how to do, They'll never have any form of life and they'll still be dreaming of the day they run their own Drive Thru (how sad is this)!!!

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