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who have to put up with whiners...

Posted by: Shaun ( BK, USA ) on August 02, 1999 at 12:41:26:

In Reply to: To all the poor dissiolusioned managers out there posted by Aussie Maccas Chick on July 28, 1999 at 18:05:47:

Well, I don't know about in Aussieland but fast food managers do make a fairly good living. It really depends on the franchise, but mostly it pays well enough to raise a family on. In fact, many managers start out making more money than teachers or policemen. The pay and benefits are good. One of my co-workers quit his job as a social worker (that he went to college for) and got a job at Burger King because it payed more.The trouble is putting up with whiney employees like you when we are trying to run a store. Where I work, we explain everything to the employee at thier interview. If an employee (such as yourself) can't handle the job and/or doesn't want to work, they are encouraged to quit, or if it gets too out of hand they're fired. The B.K. franchise I work for starts the employees out about $.50 an hour more than every other fast food place, as a result we get the best people and are more choosy over who we hire. Nothing makes me sicker than when a person who looks good at the interview turns into a lazy bum who wants to learn nothing and do nothing. We treat our employees good and with respect where I work, (not like some of the other places I've read about on this website) so it is not asking too much to have our employees actually do some work. Most of our employees are great, but as for the few who are lazy, they wonder why they never get a raise, why they never learn the register, why they get less hours etc... But it doesn't bother me because I'm quitting my job soon and going back down to crew member so I can go to college.

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