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Posted by: francis hendrix ( philippines ) on August 08, 1999 at 14:07:38:

I was a crew at Mconalds for about 3 years. I love working here coz
I like meeting new people,but managers and our other superior demoralized me and some of my crewmates.I think that they are not doing theire job professionaly.You have to be a managers pet for them to promote you,even if youre doing good and well they"ll just ignore you but if you did something wrong even if it"s the littlest thing,you"ll turn out to be the bad guy.I wonder why they act luike this?And
ther are cases that if you are a managers pet you"ll get some previledges and others dont.And they say that McDonalds has the
best training for crew in the whole world,yes they are but choosing the right person should be focused on.They only choose hte one whos
closest to them but not the one whos doing good.I think its unfair for
those who good and well things.And there are also times that you"d
turn out bad for fighting what is right.These are just some of my concerns I wish that this should be wake up call for you.Thanks

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