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Come on now.

Posted by: joshers ( USA ) on August 10, 1999 at 10:36:10:

In Reply to: Heated landing Zones???? posted by Terry Dyer on July 19, 1999 at 19:47:49:

: I was reding a post down the page a some idiot mentioned a heated landing zone in thier Mcfilthy's. What the heck are these fools going to come up with next. I tried a 99 dirty double the other day and it most have been in holding bin for at least 20 minutes. This cook to order is ridicules. Joshers please inform the public on the real procedure of mcfilthy's operational policy's and the heated landing zones and HLTZ buffers and all the other malarkey is obsurd. Let the public no the truth behind the TARNISHED ARCHES!!! You can educate the public about this company who is even with the tobacco companies in thier advertizing to our younsters and poison these yound humman beings like the tobacco companies that the ghost has written about. Listen to the ghost, Peal, and the others who are trying to bring down this evil clown!! Thank you ladies and gentlemen (that means all the 14 year olds who read this site)

1. I do not appreciate and will not tolerate being called an idiot just because you do not like the company I work for or the views I post on McSpotlight.

2. If the store was truly made for you (made to order) it would not have a transfer bin. With Made for you EVERY SINGLE SANDWICH is made as the order appears on the monitor in the grill area.

3. Peal and the ghost are people who are against McDonalds ad policies, not their procedures or their food. Read closer and try again.

4. It is not general policy to keep a buffer ( a few extra sandwiches in the HLZ) because that completely defeats both the purpose and the effectiveness of Made for you.

5. As bad as the tobacco companies?? Come on now.

McSpotlight: With regard to point 5, yes. Overconsumption of meat will kill you just as surely as smoking will...

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