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hear hear my froglings

Posted by: little green tree frog on August 10, 1999 at 10:37:57:

In Reply to: it isn't just college students posted by Derek on August 04, 1999 at 12:16:05:

to working man, and jay and most of all, macacas chick:

all of the negatives with which you speak, only reveal what i have told you all.

the problem doesnt start with your managers. it is in yourselves. you already believe that you are above a mc donalds employee. that is why you are stubborn and defiant towards your supervisors. that is why you turn up your nose when you are asked to wipe down base boards in the dining room. because you don't get down on your knees to scrub baseboards for anybody, because you are above that. right? wrong.

you are a fast food worker, like it or not, you agreed to do this work for your piddeling wage. you are a fast food worker just like your supervisor.

the only difference is that your supervisors are content with thier positions and you are not. your supervisors belong at mcdonalds and you do not. right? right. then go. leave. you shouldn't be there.

if you exist on a plane above your managers, then why can't you find a job that will pay you what your worth?

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