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Hell, McDonalds doesn't even treat its CUSTOMERS with respect and decency.

Posted by: The Brown Avenger ( U.K. ) on August 18, 1999 at 14:59:30:

In Reply to: hear hear my froglings posted by little green tree frog on August 10, 1999 at 10:37:57:

Okay, you cute little moron, here's the deal: I worked in retail for 15 years, doing my job to a recognized national standard, and furthermore trailing and devising NATIONAL company procedures - all at no extra pay (approx. $7.00 US p/h). I finally have been invalided from work with a mental breakdown, and have been living on welfare for over 2 years. I lost my house, my credit rating, everything. Those of us in retail always felt like we were treated like the lowest of the low - yet we could always pass a Choke'n'Puke and chuckle that we had it better off than the poor suckers working there.

In the Corporate World, wit, imagination and drive is not required from the people who actually DO anything - such stuff is left up to the marketing departments who have spent several years masturbating in colleges on courses which teach them how far to insert tongues up colonic passages. The reality of you is either
a)you are a company dupe, and you are worth the paper your fictional character is written on;
b)you are a real person, and you actually think these things. What next from you? a 'zeig heil' and a goosestep? It's people of your mentality that allowed Hitler to rise to power in Germany because you thought he had the right idea.

No, I never did work at a Mucky -Dee's, but as someone who has been opressed by Corporate Retail and as a fellow human being, I express sympathy, empathy and support to those who are trapped or are still recovering from their experiences at the hands of these Lard Mongers. The point at issue, Frog, is that these people have expected to be treated with courtesy and respect - not like a chattel whose sole function in the universe is to peddle so-called foodstuff.
Money would be nice, too - but if the Corporation you're working for has it enshrined in its employees' handbooks that you are all treated with respect and dignity, then it makes up for a lot.

Hell, McDonalds doesn't even treat its CUSTOMERS with respect and decency.

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