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Unfair! I doubt.

Posted by: STRMGR ( Australia ) on August 18, 1999 at 15:35:47:

In Reply to: Read this! HOW UNFAIR!!! posted by Tammarra on August 10, 1999 at 10:54:30:

: I have been at McDonalds for a totoal of 2 years now. In this time I have seen a lot of bad things happen- but was hushed down and told not to tell anyone - or I would loose my job. Once I saw the 19-year old new assistant manager at the back doing 'Walkers' ( which is removing stock from the Maccas truck and putting it at the back) with two 16 year old boy crew. They had a bottle of vodka and a bit of pot -IN FRONT OF ME! I was told not to say anything or else she would find a reason to fire me. HOW FAIR IS THAT???
: Another time I witnessed a crew friend of mine being sexually harrased by the male manager on duty. She said " If you dont leave me alone I'll tell the store manager. Tammarra saw it too so you cant say i'm making it up." This manager took me aside and threatened to suspend my shifts for 2 months if I said anything. In response I said " you cant just do that! What reason could you find to suspend me?"
: His response- "Your shoes aren't polished. Uniform is important." - and walked away as if nothing happened!!
: I have a job interview next week and I hope to leave Mcdonalds forever and never look back.

Dear Tammarra,

I find your comments amazing. If you actually witnessed these evnts and didn't make them up in your amagination why would you have anything to lose by letting the Store Manager,Owner opperator or ops consultant know what had happened, now if these people did not act why not try writing a PAL letter to employee relations in your capital state.

In relation to your apparent exposure to sexual harrasment why didn't you or the person involved talk to police, it sounds pretty suspect if you are willing to publish these thoughts over the World Wide Web but not to the peolpe who can do somthing about it.

I welcome your comments as I'm sure they will be very interesting.

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