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Manager does not always equal EVIL

Posted by: Armageden ( Canada ) on August 19, 1999 at 17:57:18:

From what I've read on this bulleton Board the Manager is portrayed as evil. I Think before you judge them try being them. I have been Manager & Crew @ two different Mc's Stores. I was a Manager at the private and I admitt I got it becasue I was Friends with the owner, An I am crew at the corp store. I have been also a manger and surpervisor at other restaurants as well. But What I have come to understand is being manager is EXTREMELY stressful. You have to constantly keep tabs on what is happening with and to your crew(or at least I did; I made a point of asking each member of my crew how they where doing and made apoint to befriend them) Keeping tabs on labour, Cash, informing about new policies, insuring old ones are kept up, etc. etc. Plus the pay isn't that great I know a manager at Arbies and he has been manager for 4 months and he is still only getting minimum which here is $6.00 CND. Plus you have to kiss Ass to everyone supierior and your lips DO get tired, For I have learned beset the "IT's WHAT You Know" propaganda bull that they drill into your head in highschool but who and how much kissing ass you do gets you everywhere unless you have a multimillion dollar trust fund, It's a FACT of Life!

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