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A day in the life of a Swing Manager

Posted by: Darcy ( McDonalds, Canada ) on August 20, 1999 at 11:13:51:

The day I got promoted to SM I was really quite proud of myself. Until I realized that I would only be getting a 0.50 cent raise I was told originally would be twice this amount. I was also given a management development guide to complete on my own time!!! So not only was I expected to work on my feet for 8 hours straight I was now expected to spend my days off completing stupid shitty McAssigments!!!Also after my promotion I was informed that I should no longer expect to recieve a 15 minute break on an 8 hour shift. This was totally unfair since I was usually reqiured to run a station in the kitchen or in DT plus run service or kitchen will an assistant manager ran the shift. So I spent 8 hours a day running my ass off, working not just a station but running around helping everyone eles making sure everyone else got there breaks but me. Also the manager in my store like to sent all crew as early as possible on their breaks threatening that they will not receive their breaks otherwise. So on the average day I would go on my break less then 2 hours into my shift then be expected to run my ass of for the next 6 hours. Finally after less then a year as a manager I have decided that I will be going back to school so I can get a real job with a little dignity. so to anyone who think being a SM would be great think twice. After two years I think I could write a book about all the Mcshit I have been dealt.

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