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A Cleaners view of McDonald's

Posted by: Cleaner ( Canada ) on August 22, 1999 at 13:18:48:

I have worked a many different stores as a cleaner, thus I have become quite aware of how Mcd's works it's employee line. (Take in mind I have also done all others jobs at Mcd's,wn,bk,etc.)Also, this probably doesn't go for all Mcd's, some are good, but some all beyond bad.

My List of how Mcdonald's quirks.

1. When it comes to pay raise, they will give you the bare minimum.(Unless of course you are a bad worker, you get more money.)
2. Starting pay will rise if that job becomes a problem. i.e. people quiting after only 1 day day or less. Hence, if you do your job and stay, your pay will not go up, but for new people caoming in, Hey more money for them.
3. Managers need to learn how to manage their employees and not just the store.
4. If there is a mess, don't clean it up, the flies will do it for you.
5. Don't talk to any manager about a problem except for your head, cause the rest are just the head's flunkies and they have no clue of what's going on.
6. The head manager isn't much better.
7. How do managers get to be managers when they no nothing about the machines, or where extra items are kept.
8. If a manager sees you clean something that hasn't been done for a while, they'll tell all the managers that they told you to do it, hence they get the credit for it and not you.

I do have tons more, like don't bothers telling a manager to get something the store needs, just but it yourself and stick them with the bill. (and yes you can do that.)
Just keep in mind all you employees, McDonald's may not be a great play to work, but there is far worse jobs,... of course I can't think of many.

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