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it's her own choice.

Posted by: little green tree frog ( make way for tree frogs ) on August 24, 1999 at 01:03:02:

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there are managers on power trips.

aknowledged. but there are also ways to deal with them if things get out of hand.

i do not feel that aussie mc chick's managers are out of line. i doubt if any manager has ever assigned her a job that was unreasonable. they probably assigned her a job that she did not want to do, yes, but there are many jobs in restaurant work that are generally considered shit jobs. nobody volenteers to do them, but they still need to be done.

now the question is, who does the manager assign to do them? if she is always getting assigned to them, it is probably because she makes herself useless as a sandwich maker by going slow, or by messing up to many orders, or in the case of register operator, she is either too slow or too unpleasent, or her cash drawers come up screwey at the end of her shift. these are all reasons why someone would be frequently assigned to cleaning tasks. the manager has to think about the most efficient way to deploy the crew, based on each members strenghts and weaknesses.

aussie mc chick will tell you she has no other choice than too work at mc donalds. but she is wrong. she chooses to stay and she should make the best of it. her poor attitude about her choice is a reflection of her charactor.

she will also tell you that she's too good for fast food work, but she again is wrong. in the work force perspective, where are all of the skills that make her too good for fast food? she has told us that she has none. and i dont know where she got the idea that she should be awarded respect when she thinks she is too good for everyone. respect is not deserved, it is earned.

she hopes to use her 4 years at mcdonalds for a work reference, but again she is wrong. she has wasted 4 years of potential work reference by being hard headed and uncooperative. i doubt if any of her supervisors could provide a good work reference.

this is the situation she has layed out for herself.

the tree frog

she openly admits to being too good for fast food.

: Crappy jobs like cleaning baseboards, Greastraps etc.. are always given out by powertrip managers to crew that have at one point questioned their decisions or have spoken out about conditions within the company. I have never seen a Manager give these sort of jobs to one of their 'mates' or 'drinking buddies'

: Ah the days of shooing the Rats out of the Corral and scraping the gum from underneath tables........... NEVER AGAIN :)

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