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maybe Mcd's might listen one day

Posted by: Cleaner ( Canada ) on August 25, 1999 at 11:14:16:

In Reply to: I'm STILL waiting posted by Ryoshi on August 24, 1999 at 12:47:19:

I do believe that there are stores that work better than others, and some people will give credit where credit is due. But, are you a full time cleaner? I've see crew who will whip off one table, and be given praise for it. Then someone who does nothing but clean, gets a thumb up the ass. (Pardon me) I belive Mcd's to be a good place for younger people to work, but when you get older, you relieze that McD's is no better than 3rd worldd country sweet shops. I use to be a happy, out going person at work. Now, I have nothing but hate for my job, they have done nothing for me in the years I've work there but a crappy paycheck and a headache. So, sooner or later, most people working at Mcd's I've worked with have come to the same decision; screw Mcd's and get out.

oh, and thanks for replying, write some more, maybe Mcd's might listen one day, opps! That won't happen.

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