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she doesn't have to be in that picture

Posted by: little green tree frog on August 25, 1999 at 23:22:41:

In Reply to: The Whole Picture....... posted by JayDublin on August 25, 1999 at 14:23:25:

dear jaydublin,

the froggy is well familair with the issues brought up against mcdonalds. we all know they are exploiting people, beef cattle, the environment, and other cultures with greed as thier only motivation.

i hold firm to my belief that aussie mc chick is only unhappy with her job because she has alienated herself from her managers and co-workers by walking around with her nose turned up.

an employee who is asked to do any task relevant to the job, and argues or refuses to do the assigned task is out of line. it doesn't matter what the job is. if she does not respect her managers, that is her own problem. she does not need to make their jobs harder by acting like an eighteen year old toddler. it does not matter if the manager is on a power trip(especially since diagnosing someone with a 'power trip' isn't much more than a matter of opinion). if that manager assigns her a task that is within reason concerning the job, she does not have the authority to argue.

if it helps to put things in perspective for those employees who feel that they're better than their managers, remember, you're only a fast food crew member---you're even beneath a fast food manager.

and you can sit and think to yourself that you are better than other fast food workers because you accepted the job by lowering your personal standards, but no matter what the circumstances are regarding your emplyment at mcdonalds, you are still just a fast food worker.
you might have plans to move on to bigger and better things, but those things have not come to exist yet, and it doesn't change that you are a fast food worker.

btw, i fail to understand how a mcdonalds worker could feel that scrubbing baseboards is more degrading than any other station. the general public is going to feel the same about you whether you're mopping the floor or passing out orders, as long as you're sporting that mickey d's uniform. scrubbing walls never killed anybody, it's only a matter of crew members not wanting to work, and/or preconcieved predjudices about cleaning tasks.

none of us ever dreams of working in fast food, but many of us do as a last resort. but just because it was a last resort does not mean it was not out choice, and we can either be miserable about it, or make the best of it.

as for mcdonalds being the only place of employment in someones small town, i don't buy it. unless the only bussiness in operation within 20 miles of your home is a mcdonalds, there are other places you can work.
especially in a small town, where everybody knows everybody, there should be someone who knows you and could find you a place to work. if mcdonalds is the ONLY place possible for you to work, does that mean that if they never existed, you would be unemployed right now? if that's true, than you should be thankful for the job which they are providing you.

if aussie maccas chick or any other fast food employee continues to work for mcdonalds, they are responsible for the support and expansion of this rotten bussiness. mcdonalds could not exploit workers if there were no workers to exploit.

tree frog.

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