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You really don't understand do you...

Posted by: JayDublin ( Eire ) on August 27, 1999 at 16:46:33:

In Reply to: your right, i have changed my view on you posted by little green tree frog on August 27, 1999 at 11:03:50:

You really don't understand do you.........

Did it ever occur to you that people still work at McDonald's because they have bills to pay or an education to support. Some people out there HAVE to work at shitholes like McDonald's because it's the only viable option they have. You try getting another job in a town with a poor economy or a high level of Unemployment with 4 years of flipping burgers and serving scumbags as a reference. People stay there, and yes, do complain like hell but it beats being unemployed. When I finally managed to escape the clutches of Ronald McDonald it was because I had the support of my parents at the time, most people that work there aren't that lucky, they have a family of their own to support. Aussie Maccas Chick works their because she has to, I really cannot understand why you find this so difficult to believe? or then again, maybe where you live there are more jobs than people and the economy is good.. am I right froggy, do you live in a tree in suburbian bliss?

I'm sure other people, not just Aussie Maccas chick take offence to your statement that their place in life is McDonald's and they come on here to bitch about it. Wake up froggy and smell the freshly ground coffee.


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